Statewide Internet Access

The Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE) has put together the following list of outdoor wireless internet access points at the higher education institutions across the state. While we know completing assignments in parking lots is not ideal, we are committed to providing our students all of the resources we can during this time.

Is wireless internet available on campus?

Yes, all KY public institutions have wireless internet. The public institutions include Eastern Kentucky University (EKU), Kentucky State University (KSU), Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) (16 institutions), Morehead State University (MSU), Murray State University (MuSU), Northern Kentucky University (NKU), University of Kentucky (UK), University of Louisville (UL), and Western Kentucky University (WKU).

Can I access internet if I am not a student at the institution?

Yes, most institutions have secured guest access. There are a few institutions that offer open guest access. Please follow instructions of the institution to gain guest access.

Is outdoor wireless internet access available to the general public?

Yes, please see details below about institutional location and accessibility:

  • EKU-Intramural Fields, Carter Building parking lot, Arlington Golf Course parking lot, EKU Ravine, and Moberly parking lot
  • KCTCS-All KCTCS college campus locations have guest wireless access in parking lots (some parking lots have stronger signals than others).
  • MSU-Comprehensive outdoor Wi-Fi is available across the MSU campus. The Cartmell Hall parking lot provides excellent outdoor Wi-Fi services.
  • MuSU-The Curris Center parking lot has wireless access. The coverage is optimal closer to the building.
  • NKU-Wireless service is available in the following parking lots: V,O,R,D,K,I and J.
  • UK-Wireless internet access is provided in outdoor areas: Fine Arts corridor (between Guignol Center and Maxwell Place), the rear common and dining areas of Gatton Student Center, the rear of Memorial Hall, the rear courtyard of Jacobs Science Building, and the main entrance side of the Rosenberg College of Law. Parking lot access may be attainable when parking in lots directly adjacent to University buildings.
  • UL-Outdoor wireless access is available in several greenspace areas on campus providing secure access for students and visitor access for the public.
  • WKU-Outdoor wireless access is available near most buildings in outdoor areas. Park St. and Creason St. parking lots allow general public access via the guest network for the remainder of the semester.

Wireless Access at Home

Students seeking to obtain wireless internet access at home should contact their local service providers.

KCTCS Note: Several local service providers are offering discounted rates and/or free months to new customers with student ids.