Starfish Retention Solutions

Starfish Information

Starfish provides a central location to connect you to the people and services that can help you succeed.

It provides an opportunity for you to raise your hand and reach out when you are having trouble in your classes or personally.

Also, it can help keep you informed and up-to-date on your course progress.

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Getting Started

Starfish helps connect you to the people and services that can help you succeed.

It provides an opportunity for you to raise your hand and reach out when you are having trouble in your classes or personally. 

Starfish makes scheduling appointments easy and you can set up reminders to keep you on time and in-the-know.

Your instructors and advisors can use Starfish to raise flags, to-dos, kudos, and referrals to help keep you informed, connected, and up to date on your success.

You can access Starfish a few different ways:

  • By clicking this link to our website
  • Through My Path. Just click the Starfish box
  • Through Blackboard
  • In PeopleSoft: Go to the Navigator Menu and click My Starfish.

Feel free to set up your profile. You can also just click on the Starfish menu and click your name.

You can also complete a short questionnaire to help us connect you to helpful services on campus, or you can access this survey by clicking on the Starfish Menu and then “Intake.” 

We are happy to help you succeed. You can Raise Your Hand.

Someone at your college will reach out to you soon. You can also access this by clicking on the Starfish main menu and then the “Raise Your Hand” button.

When you first log in to Starfish, you’ll see your Success Network.

We have compiled a list of all the services at your campus as well as some individuals that you might interact with. Feel free to click on the names of those that you would like to get in contact with. You can schedule appointments with them if they have that feature set up in Starfish or see their contact information. 

Want to know more about tutoring or other helpful offices on campus? Scroll down and you will see a list of services. You can click on a service to learn more about it, schedule appointments, or see who to contact for the service. 

There is a Starfish Student guide on the Training and Learning Center that you can check out.

Also, feel free to contact any of the individuals at your college listed here.

About “Flags”

Instructors can raise flags about coursework and other concerns. These flags are to keep you up to date and informed about your progress both in the classroom and in your academic career. Each flag will send you an email notification that includes details about the flag and your instructor’s notes. Follow up with your instructor for more information or visit any of the helpful links in the email notification if they are listed.

We want to make sure you know that your hard work is not going unnoticed. We see you and the progress you are making towards your academic and career goals. Anytime you get email notifications for these tracking items, give yourself a pat on the back. 

Referrals are a great way that instructors and advisors can get you connected with helpful services on campus. Need help with career advice? Talk with your instructor and then they can raise a referral. An email will be sent to you with helpful information and an email will be sent to contacts at the service of interest. This way those at Career Services, for example, can reach out to you and get you the information you need. 

With everything going on with courses and college life, sometimes it is good to be reminded of things you need to do to keep you on track. To-dos are used to do just that. Email notifications are sent to your email when one is raised. Contact your instructor or advisor for more information on the steps you need to take to complete this to-do. 
If you receive an email notification about a flag in Starfish, reach out to your instructor with any questions. These notifications are just to keep you on track for success. If you need help with your coursework, let the instructor know. Also, feel free to check out your success network for any tutoring services available at your campus.
You will receive an email sent to your KCTCS email address when any flag, kudo, referral, or to-do has been raised for you. In addition, if you log into Starfish you will see the tracking items for all your courses. Just go to the Starfish main menu and click “Messages.”