Detailed Tuition and Charges

Annually the KCTCS Office of Budget and Financial Planning will publish the list of allowable charges and rates that apply to all KCTCS colleges. The KCTCS Office of Budget and Financial Planning reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions, and to change or update this information at any time.

2023-2024 Tuition Rates
Tuition Category Cost Per Credit Hour
Resident Students $186/credit hour
Dual Credit Students $93/credit hour
Nonresident Students $250/credit hour
Online-Only Courses+ (all students): $186/credit hour
Mandatory Fee* (all students): $8/credit hour
Distance Learner Fee** $20/credit hour

What's With the ***?

Great question!

The first * is the KCTCS BuildSmart Investment for Kentucky Competitiveness fee. This fee does not apply to Dual Credit Students.

+For students who are enrolled in online-only courses, the tuition is the same regardless of your residency. Other fees, such as the mandatory fee and a distance learning course fee of $20/credit hour still apply.

A full list of charges and fees is available.

To view our third-party servicer contract for refund management, click here.

Cost of Attendance 2023-2024

In-State Students
Category Living with Parents Living Off-Campus
Estimated Direct Costs    
Estimated Tuition $4,464 $4,464
Estimated Fees $192 $192
Estimated Indirect Costs    
Estimated Books/Supplies $1,228 $1,228
Estimated Living Expenses (Food & Housing) $5,130 $8,540
Estimated Personal Expenses $980 $980 
Estimated Transportation $2,510 $2,510
Estimated Loan Fees $52 $52
Total $14,556 $17,966

Out-of-State Students
Category Living with Parents Living Off-Campus
Estimated Direct Costs    
Estimated Tuition $6,000 $6,000
Estimated Fees $192 $192
Estimated Indirect Costs    
Estimated Books/Supplies $1,228 $1,228
Estimated Living Expenses (Food & Housing) $5,130 $8,540
Estimated Personal Expenses $980 $980 
Estimated Transportation $2,510 $2,510
Estimated Loan Fees $52 $52
Total $16,092 $19,502

(1) Estimated Indirect Costs are NOT amounts that will be charged to the student's account at the college, but are average amounts that a student could expect to incur during periods of enrollment.

(2) Cost of attendance estimates are based upon student's expected living arrangements and assume full-time enrollment (12 credit hours each semester).

These are estimated values used to calculate eligibility for financial aid funds and are updated annually.

Additional Charges

These charges are included in the standard costs and have a $0 fee for all students

  • Adult Basic Learning Examination (ABLE)*
  • Certificate Charge
  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Test*
  • Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills (CTBS) Test*
  • Diploma Charge
  • Graduation Charge
  • ID Badge (Initial Issue)
  • Lab Charge
  • Library/Media Access Charge
  • Locker Charge
  • Music Charge
  • Nelson Denny Reading Test*
  • Proficiency Examination for Credit*
  • TABE A Test*
  • Technology Charge
  • Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE)*
  • Transcript (1st copy)
  • Wonderlic Test*
  • WorkKeys Test (For students admitted to a program)*

*If used for placement at the time of entrance/registration - between the first day of class through the last day to enter an organized class for that session. Credit is awarded via the test credit process and will not appear on the grade report for that session.

If applicable, student may also be charged these fees per term.

Per Term Charges
Charge Type Amount per Term
Security Charge - Bluegrass $40
Security Charge - Gateway  $40
Security Charge - Jefferson $40
Parking Charge $25
Additional Transcript Charges
Transcript Type Cost Per Occurrence
Additional Copies $5
On Demand Transcript $7
Faxed $10
Nurse Aide & Medication AIde Testing and Training Charges
Training or Testing Category Cost
Facility Sponsored Students $200 Course Fee
KCTCS Non-Facility Sponsored Students Regular Tuition Rate per Credit Hour
K-Nat Testing Online Payment Convenience Charge 2.95% of total transaction
Medication Aide Testing $50
Medication Aide Training Cost Recovery
Methods of Instruction Course for Nurse Aide Instructors $250
Nurse Aide Performance Test $75
Nurse AIde Written Test $40
Oral Nurse AIde-Written Test $55

See section 7.9 of the Business Procedures for more information.

Library and Other Fees
Charge Type Charge Amount
Damage Charge - for repair, rebinding, or replacement as appropriate Cost Recovery
Library Book Late Charge $0.10 per day, $10 Maximum
Library Video Late Charge $1 per day
Lost Books/Video/Equipment/Devices/etc. Charge Replacement Cost
Lost Library Card $3 per occurrence
Parking Violation - Parking Permit Replacement $10 per Occurrence
Reserved Item, Loan in Days $1 per Day, $10 Maximum
Reserved Item, Loan in Hours $0.25 per Hour, $10 Maximum
Smoking Ban Violation $5
General Services Charges
Service Type Cost
ABLE* $10 Per Occurrence
ACT/SAT Course Charge Cost Recovery
ACT/SAT Test Charge* Cost Recovery
Application Charge, Student (International) $25
Childcare Services Cost Recovery
College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Test Charge* Cost Recovery
Consortium/Transfer Agreements where KCTCS students attend courses offered by other institutions but billed by KCTCS Cost Recovery
Copier Services Cost Recovery
Customized Course and/or Testing Charge+ Cost Recovery
Customized Clinical or Lab Charge (for out of area clinical/lab sites)+ Cost Recovery
Digital Content Charges $25 - $1,750
Diploma/Credential Replacement $20 per Occurrence
Diploma/Credential Special Order Up to $35 per Occurrence
NOCTI Exams and other graduation exams Cost Recovery
High School Student Textbook Rental 3 year cost recovery of book price
Hybrid Online Course Charge - Waived for FY 2020-21 $10 per Credit Hour
ID Badge Replacement $10 per Replacement
ID Bade Specialty Badge (for clinicals, etc) Cost Recovery
Identity Verification for Online Courses $0
International Travel Insurance (for students studying abroad) Cost Recovery
KCTCS Payment Plan Service charge $25 per Term
Late Registration/Reinstatement Charge+ $75 per Occurrence
Liability Insurance (Health and Personal Services students) $11 per Term
Live Workshop Charge $25 Per Project
National League of Nursing (NLN) Comprehensive Test for Graduation* $30-$35 based on NLN Membership
National League of Nursing (NLN) Pre-admission Exam for RN Program* Cost Recovery
Online Course Charge+ $20 per Credit Hour
Pass-through charges+ Cost Recovery
Personal Safety Equipment (Safety glasses, radiation badges, etc) If not available through the bookstore, the college can make available at cost + 15%
Portfolio Review for Assessment of College Credit $75 Per Course
Proctored Tests: KCTCS Classes+ Tuition Sharing
Proctored Tests: KYVU and other proctored test for non-KCTCS classes (during regular scheduled hours of operation for the testing center)** $25 Per Test
Required Licensure/Certification/Verification for a field of work+ Cost Recovery
Returned Check Charge $50 Per Occurrence or fee amount as assessed by external collection agency
SGA Voluntary Activity Charge Cost Recovery
Special Examination for Credit - Practical Exam*** $40 Per Occurrence
Special Examination for Credit - Written Exam*** $20 Per Occurrence
Sylvan*** Cost Recovery
TABE A (Not part of Entrance/Placement)* $20 Per Occurrence
Testing - Retakes of any test Cost Recovery
Tickets (Entertainment) Face Value
Wonderlic (Not part of Entrance/Placement)* $20 Per Occurrence
WorkKeys (Persons not admitted to a program)* Cost Recovery

*Testing Services such as ACT, SAT, CLEP, GED, etc must be coordinated through the college's business office to ensure presenters have appropriate authorization, college access and security, liability insurance and cash handling procedure training. 

**KCTCS students are not charged for proctored exams if it is a KCTCS course. The KCTCS college providing the proctoring service should have an agreement with the offering college (who has the tuition revenue) to share in the tuition revenue. The revenue should be transferred via journal entry.

***Course credit awarded via the test credit process. e.g. no grade will appear on the grade report.

+See the additional Notes section below. 

Fire Commission

Base Fire Commission 
Charge Category Cost
Legislated Fines/Fees/Charges As prescribed
Firefighter Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) $125
International Fire Service Accreditation Congress Test (IFSAC) $25

+Notes for Tuition and Charges, and Items Included in Standard Cost

The KCTCS Office of Budget and Financial Planning reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions, and to change or update this information at any time.

All charges listed in "Items Included in Standard Cost", but not limited to the list, are considered included in the single rate of cost of attendance listed in Tuition and Fees. There is no additional charge for these items beyond what is listed at the KCTCS BOR approved tuition & charge rate provided the item is the initial items, or required number of items, required for attendance classes at the selected college. For example: If a student is required to have a new ID each year, the initial issue of the ID each year must be provided at no charge. If a student losses her ID, a charge may be assessed for a replacement.Changes to charges for services to students are to be requested prior to implementation via the KCTCS Office of Budget & Financial Planning.

Notes for General Services
Service Notes
Childcare Services Provided at market rate.
Customized Course Charge Justification for a customized course charge may include customization of content, place, or delivery. The service charge will vary with the market for courses that are customized to specific needs. These courses may include but are not limited to courses for the North American Racing Academy (NARA), Microsoft Certified, and Customized Industry Training. Extraordinary cost in delivery of courses may also be considered for customized course charges.
Customized Clinical or Lab Charge (For out of area clinical/lab sites)

Justification for a customized Clinical/Lab charge shall be that the clinical or lab location that is out of the normal service range of the college and requires a student/instructor ratio less than the normal ratio for that clinical or lab. The course charge shall recover up to the additional cost for the customized course.


A Learn on Demand nursing program is offered to students throughout the state but its only regularly arranged clinical sites are within the normal service range of the college. If the student elects to complete the clinical potion of the training in his/her location, the delivering college may make arrangements to offer a clinical site close to that student. The additional cost may be charged to the student for the customized lab. The student shall be given the option of completing the clinicals at one of the delivering college's standard clinical sites with no additional charge.

Digital Content Charges Digital Content: Students may opt out of the Digital Content charge by submitting a written request to the college Bursar's Office. Student must opt out each term
Hybrid Online Course Charge

A charge to cover technology, infrastructure, and additional costs associated with hybrid course offerings. Hybrid Courses are identified with the following instruction modes. HB – Partially Online and In Classroom, b – Partially Online and ITV Class, IB – Independent Studies with Online Content

Late Registration/Reinstament Charge

A charge for late registration, and/or for re-instatement after cancellation for nonpayment of tuition and fees. Under Testing Services

Liability Insurance

$11 per term, requirement for health related programs, Human Services and Early Childhood Development programs.

Online Course Charge

A charge to cover technology, infrastructure, and additional costs associated with online course offerings. Online Courses are identified with the following instruction modes. BW – Online & Open to All Students , LC – Online w/Set Meeting Time, VL (LoD) – Online-Self Select Start Date, BL – Online w/Possible Campus Visit

Pass-through Charges

Each pass-through charge must be approved in advance by the KCTCS VP for Finance. Supporting documentation should be submitted with the request. This charge is for third party contracts, not for services provided directly by the college. The college may charge the student the direct cost plus a 10% administration charge.


  1. A clinical site requires the students to be immunized and the college arranges with a third party to provide the immunization to the students and bills the college for the service. The college may assess the student.
  2. A degree program requires a specific paid library service. The service bills the college. The college may assess the student.
Proctored Tests: KCTCS classes

If a student takes a proctored test required by a KCTCS course at a KCTCS Assessment center, and if the test is taken during the normal operating hours (as posted) for that Assessment Center, the student may not be charged for that test. However, the Assessment Center may charge the Academic department requiring the proctored test through a journal process.

Returned Check/Stop Payment Charge

Handling charge for checks returned to the college for insufficient funds.

Tickets (Entertainment)

Face value of the event; including college theatrical productions, concerts, etc.

Notes for Testing Services
Testing Service Notes
ACT and/or SAT Test Charge Service charge for ACT/SAT test. The charge is at the standard rate published by ACT/SAT.
ACT/SAT Course Charge Service charge for ACT/SAT test preparation courses.
Course Proficiency Examinations If credit posted to term grade report, then tuition must be assessed. If posted to transcript only, then tuition is not to be assessed, e.g. treated like transfer credit using the test credit process.

Provided at the market rate.

One transcript is provided free with graduation. Thereafter, charges for additional transcript copies are per occurrence. Faxed and on-demand transcripts are per occurrence.

Any miscellaneous student charges not listed above require prior approval of the KCTCS Office of Budget and financial Planning.