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Licensure Disclosures

Colleges in the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) offer courses, certificate programs, diplomas, and associate degrees that may lead to licensure or certification that is required for employment in your state. The programs in the spreadsheet meet requirements for the state of Kentucky. Requirements for licensure or certification in other states may vary.

If you currently live outside of Kentucky, be aware there may be additional requirements needed to obtain licensure or certification in your state. KCTCS has made every effort to ensure the educational requirements for licensure or certification information is correct; however, state requirements may change following the publication of this information. Consult with your state’s licensing/certification board to determine if your chosen path of study will meet their requirements.

Many programs may lead to licensure or certification that can be desirable for employment. Only those that are required by the state for employment are listed here.


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