Security Awareness Reminders

In order to keep all employees aware of the common risks to sensitive data, KCTCS  provides ongoing security awareness reminders to all employees.

Example of security awareness reminders include, but are not limited to:

    • Posters
    • Handouts
    • Newsletters
    • Web-based training (for more info reference COSAINT [])
    • Electronic reminders 

New Employees

All new KCTCS personnel complete security awareness training class as part of the initial orientation. 

Employee Handbook

All new KCTCS personnel receive a copy of the employee handbook that addresses information security policies.

Security Awareness Training Class

All new KCTCS employees are enrolled in the COSAINT security awareness online training upon hire. To provide evidence that every employee has attended such a class, each employee signs an acknowledgement form online that contains a statement acknowledging they have attended the course training and understood the material presented.

Security Groups and Associations

KCTCS interacts with business professionals and key vendors and is also affiliated with the FBI affiliated Infraguard security organization.

Examples of security groups and associates include: