Transfer Check List

Follow this checklist to keep you on track and know that your transfer contact will help you every step of the way. 

Step 1: 0-30 credit hours: Do Your Research

  • Schedule a meeting with your academic advisor as soon as possible. Your advisor is listed on your Student Self Service account.
  • Undecided?  Have questions regarding your career or major? Your advisor can help point you to career counseling resources on campus.
  • Identify majors related to your career goal. Try to job shadow and/or volunteer in the career fields that interest you.
  • Make an appointment at the transfer center or with a transfer advisor on campus.
  • Research colleges that offer your major and investigate available transfer scholarships.
  • Meet with a four-year college transfer representative to make sure you are taking appropriate courses for your next step.  Most area universities have transfer advisors that visit our campus regularly.
  • Go to class and make the best grades possible!

Step 2: 31-45 credit hours: Make a Plan

  • Attend transfer fairs and open houses or arrange for a campus tour at the university or four-year college you are interested in attending. Be sure to schedule an appointment with a program advisor in your four-year major to find out more about your program of interest.
  • Meet with a transfer advisor at any schools you are interested in attending to review the transfer of your credits.
  • Check on transfer admissions requirements, especially for selective admissions majors.
  • Research financial aid options at your transfer school. Contact the financial aid office to see if your current aid will transfer. Check on the transfer scholarship requirements and application deadlines for your four-year college.
  • Find out if your transfer school accepts other types of credit, such as military training or professional experience.
  • Make your final decision about your transfer school and ask about free application days.

Step 3: 45-60 credit hours: Make Your Move!

  • Submit applications for admission to your four-year college, including degree program admission and housing applications if needed.
  • Request official transcripts to be sent to your transfer school. Visit to request transcripts for current and previously attended schools.
  • Obtain any transcripts for other types of credit such as AP, CLEP,  or dual credit classes, if accepted by your transfer school.
  • Submit your FAFSA and indicate your transfer school on the form. If already submitted, update your application to include your transfer school.
  • Apply for a transfer scholarship at your transfer school. Be aware of deadlines.
  • During your last semester, meet with your official advisor to review your academic plan and have it signed. Watch the dates carefully to apply for graduation.  
  • Send your final transcript with last grades and your degree to your transfer school.