Transfer Programs


An Associate Degree from KCTCS lets you transfer to a four-year university or college anywhere in the US.

By building on the dual credit general education classes you took in high school, you can finish your Associate Degree at a KCTCS college and then transfer.

There are two reasons to pat yourself on the back for your smart choice!

One: If you've taken four dual credit classes, you have less than three semesters of community college left!

Two: You can save up to $22,000!

Get started today!

Connect to Your College
Based on 2 year/ full time
for 2019-2020 
Average KY University KCTCS
Tuition $20,452 $8,896
Books & Supplies $2,300 $2,000
Room & Board $19,315 -
Parking Pass $226 -
Total Cost $42,293 $10,896

total savings: $31,397

Source: National Center for Education Statistics