Technical Programs

Get on the fast track to a high-paying, high-demand job. Our technical programs feature hands-on learning, apprenticeships, and advanced technology. If you’re interested in a meaningful career, job security, and great pay, our technical programs may be right for you!

The dual credit technical education classes you took in high school give you a seamless transition to our career degrees.

There are two reasons to pat yourself on the back for your smart choice!

One: The dual credit classes you take in high school count towards an Associate Degree. If you've taken four dual credit classes, you have less than three semesters of community college left before you can get to work!

Two: You can find a meaningful career in a field with great pay!

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Career Average Salary
Nursing $44,224
Criminal Justice $34,150
Industrial Maintenance $33,644
Electrical Technology $32,449
Welding $27,165
Medical Information Technology $22,028
Construction $21,762
Auto Tech $21,011

 Did you know?

Some of our programs are eligible for the Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship. This means that you could receive free tuition for up to 60 hours for programs in healthcare, manufacturing, construction, and business or IT. Visit to learn more and apply!