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Certified Medical Technician

Get trained to perform laboratory tests and analyze test results while collecting samples to assist physicians and pathologists in their diagnosing of patients.

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Medicaid Nurse Aide

Provide basic care and assistance to patients who are ill, injured or who are experiencing other health-related symptoms or conditions. 

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Be responsible for preparing patients to have their blood taken and drawing blood from a patient safely.

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Nurse Aide Assistant

Assist in helping patients with their personal hygiene and with eating, repositioning bedridden patients, and taking a patient's vital signs.

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Medical Receptionist

Serves patients by greeting and helping them, scheduling appointments, and maintaining records and accounts.

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Kentucky Medication Aide

The KMA program prepares the state registered nurse aide (SRNA) to administer specific medications in a long-term care facility as delegated and supervised by a licensed nurse. 

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Retail Pharmacy Technician

Assist the pharmacist in the preparation and distribution of medications, maintaining the drug inventory, and maintaining patient and pharmacy records.

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Healthcare Foundations Basic

Get better prepared for the health career programs.

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EKG Assistant

Administer a variety of cardiovascular tests, including the electrocardiogram (EKG) which measures the electrical activity of your heart through small electrodes.

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Emergency Medical Technician

EMTs conduct basic, noninvasive interventions to help save lives and reduce harm at emergency sites. They can do everything a responder does, plus they have the skills needed to transport patients safely.

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Nursing is the glue that holds a patient’s health care journey together. Learn more about this diverse field extending well beyond the traditional hospital circuit.

Health Science Technology

Designed for students who plan to pursue additional training in a specialized area of health care, the HST major offers an excellent pathway to a variety of careers.


Help people breathe easier. Learn to use life-saving equipment and care for patients with lung or heart problems, while entering a field that's full of opportunity. 


Develop a dynamic career in medical imaging with a comprehensive associate of applied sciences in radiography that includes specialized courses and hands-on clinical practice. 

Medical Assisting

Work alongside physicians as a multi-skilled healthcare professional. In this innovative, accelerated program, you'll work at a sponsoring company while taking classes. 

Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic

If there has been a medical or traumatic emergency EMTs provide immediate attention to the sick and injured then transport them to a permanent healthcare facility. 

Dental Hygiene

Create beautiful smiles for a living as a dental hygienist. Gain the technical and interpersonal skills essential for work in a dentist's office. 

Dental Assisting

Create beautiful smiles while making a living as a dental assistant. Gain the technical and interpersonal skills essential for work in a dentist’s office. 

Surgical Technology

Support doctors and other medical professionals as a Surgical Technologist. You'll learn to prepare for and assist during surgeries as part of a healthcare team. 

Health Information Technology

Expand your skills by learning the latest patient-record technologies. Our program prepares you for the Registered Health Information Technician certification exam. 


Connect to the world of online healthcare as a Telehealth Technician Associate, assisting patients and providers from any location with internet service. 


Find what ails your patient by taking a deeper look using ultrasound technology. Help physicians in identifying a diagnosis as a diagnostic medical sonographer.

Veterinary Technology

Turn your love of pets and science into a career in Veterinary Technology where you can work in several fields including animal surgery, anesthesiology, nursing and more. 

Healthcare Leadership

Take charge as a leader in healthcare facilities operations. This innovative program prepares you for certification in this expanding field. 

Pharmacy Technician

Help registered pharmacists prepare medications. There’s a growing demand for pharmacy techs as our population ages and new drugs go on the market every day. 

Physical Therapy Assistant

Provide healing help to people of all ages recovering from illness or injury. Learn how our bodies work and train to aid licensed therapists in this growing field. 

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Promote health and healing. In this program, you’ll assist occupational therapists, who help people recovering from illness get back to the everyday tasks of work and life.

Medical Information Technology

Develop professional skills to assist healthcare professionals and patients complete the administrative, medical records, coding and billing processes in the healthcare environment.