Get the KCTCS app for your mobile phone or tablet. Your information on the go.

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Have all the KCTCS colleges at your fingertips with the KCTCS app for your mobile phone or tablet.

Features include:

  • Notifications - View your messages from Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Billing, Student Records and more. Set up alerts on your lock screen when new notifications come through.
  • Dashboard - View assignments, grades, discussions, announcements, notifications, news, events and videos. Post / reply to discussions. Everything you need in one place!
  • My Classes - View your classes including schedule, maps, rosters, instructors, assignments, discussions, grades & announcements. Now available for instructors too!
  • Holds - View holds which may prevent you from enrolling in classes or have other penalties and need to be addressed asap.
  • Enrollment - Enroll in classes.
  • Class Search - Search for classes.
  • Bookstore - Connect to your college bookstore.
  • Library - Search your college library or across all KCTCS libraries.
  • Financial Aid - View your financial aid awards.
  • Begin Here - Request Info about the college and programs.
  • Find My Program - Find the program of study that is right for you.
  • Apply Now - Apply for Admission.
  • Website - Connect to your college mobile web site.
  • News & Events - Stay current with what's happening at your college & add campus events to your personal calendar.
  • Videos - Check out your college on YouTube.
  • Social Media - Follow your college on Facebook & Twitter.
  • Contact Us- Contact your college or Student Service Center for assistance or more information.
  • Directory - Find faculty, staff & students at KCTCS & add to your personal contacts.
  • Maps - Find your way around your college campuses and class locations.
  • Email - Connect directly to Mail.
  • Office 365 - Connect to Mail, Calendar, OneDrive, and more. Find the right apps for your phone or tablet.
  • User Account Center - Set up your user account.

 Supported Devices

    • iOS 8.0 or later on iPhones and iPads
    • Android 3.0 or later on phones and tablet

Cellular or wifi service is required for all functions of the app to work properly. Please see our legal notices for more information.