Henderson County High School’s Steve Welch Recognized as Outstanding High School Educator

steve welch





Steve Welch, Henderson County High School Career and Technical Education (CTE) Career Coach, received the Henderson Community College (HCC) 2023 High School Teacher/Counselor Pathfinder Award at a school awards banquet on May 4. Established by the Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS), the Pathfinder Award recognizes high school teachers and counselors for their outstanding efforts in assisting students with their college-going plans.Press Enter to add more content

“High school teachers and counselors work tirelessly to ensure our young people can succeed in the classroom, workplace, and community,” said Jason Warren, President and CEO of HCC. “In that spirit, the Pathfinder Award recognizes the best and brightest among us who go above and beyond to embolden and empower the next generation.” Warren added, “Thanks to Mr. Welch’s exemplary efforts, countless students in Henderson are able to follow their dreams and make more informed decisions about their future.”

Of note, any high school teacher or counselor can be eligible for the Pathfinder Award and must be nominated by a KCTCS student or faculty/staff member. Winners were selected based on the following criteria: (1) encouraged student(s) to attend a KCTCS college; (2) assisted student(s) in identifying a career and postsecondary path; (3) provided mentorship; (4) and/or maintained contact with student(s).

In addition to Mr. Welch, the Pathfinder Award was given to one teacher or counselor from each of the other 15 KCTCS colleges. In total, nearly 250 nominations were submitted, representing every KCTCS college. For more information on the Pathfinder of the Year Awards, please visit https://kctcs.edu/landing/pathfinder-awards.aspx