Save Money for the things You Really Want

So you want to go to college, but you also need money to spend on the things you REALLY want. That’s where we come in.

Why go to UK when you could spend less money, choose from more programs, and have better opportunities at KCTCS?

Let’s break it down and show you what you can buy with the money you save by getting your degree with us:

1st Semester


You’re getting ready for college classes or maybe you just want to watch videos with some friends on a new computer. With just one semester with us vs. UK, you could save enough money to get a brand new laptop and cool accessories.

2nd Semester


So, you knocked out your first semester. Great! Didn’t use all that money you saved? Add that to the next semester savings and you’ll have enough to take an awesome trip!

3rd Semester


You’ve been saving and getting closer to the finish line. That’s amazing! You’ve been saving so much that now you could get a sweet off-road ATV for the weekends. Not a bad deal right?

4th Semester


This is your last semester with us. We’re so glad you chose this journey. You will be too because by the time you finished you would have saved enough to by a brand-new car.

Also, if you want, you can still transfer to UK to finish your 4-year degree, but you’ll be going there with a savings of $16,000!

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