AAS in Visual Communications to Bachlelor in Film and Media Arts


Completion of the following curriculum will satisfy the requirements for the Associate in Applied Science in Visual Communication – Design & Technology at the Kentucky Community and Technical College System and lead to the Bachelor’s in film and Media Arts at the University of Pikeville (UPIKE).

Admission Requirements

Students completing an associate degree with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher will be admitted into UPIKE. 

Degree Requirements

To earn a baccalaureate’s degree at UPIKE, students must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours, with a minimum of 39 credit hours in courses numbered 300 and above while maintaining a GPA of 2.0 or higher depending on individual program requirements. In addition, at least 50% of the credit hours required in the major, minor, or area of concentration and a total of 25% of the credit hours toward a degree must be earned at UPIKE. Students must successfully complete the 36 credit hours of the General Education Curriculum and all institutional and departmental assessment requirements. Students must receive a grade of “C” or better in all major, minor, related studies, or area of concentration courses. 

General Transfer Information

Students must apply through the Office of Admissions at UPIKE and:

  1. Complete and return the application for admission.
  2. Submit an official high school transcript or GED score.
  3. Submit official results from the American College Test (ACT) or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
  4. Submit official copies of transcripts from KCTCS and any other post-secondary institutions attended.
  5. Submit any other information and documentation that may be required by the UPIKE Office of Admissions.

KCTCS Requirements

KCTC Course Course or Category Credits UPIKE Course
MAT 146 Contemporary College Math (QR) 3 MTH 105
BIO 112/113 or CHE 170/175

Introduction to Biology w/ Lab or General College Chemistry I w/ Lab (NS)


BIO 100/101 or CHE 100/101

PSY 110 or SOC 101

General Psychology or Introduction to Sociology (SB)


PSY 110 or SOC 119

REL 120 or REL 121

Introduction to the Old Testament or Introduction to the New Testament (AH)


REL 213 or REL 214

ENG 101 Writing I 3 ENG 111
  Subtotal General Education Core Courses 16  
KCTCS Course Course or Category Credits UPIKE Course
VCA 108 Digital Color Theory 3  
VCA 280 Professional Portfolio Development 3  
VCC 100 Introduction to Visual Communication 3  
VCC 106 Typography 3  
VCC 110 Design Concepts 3  
VCC 125 Computer Graphics I 3  
VCC 166 Photoshop Basics 3 FMA 170
VCC 200 Illustrator Basics 3  
VCC 220 InDesign Basics 3  
VCC 297 Internship 3  
TBS XXX Students must complete courses from one of three sub-tracks: Graphic Design, Mixed Media, or Production Design. Refer to the catalog or your advisor to determine classes required and which track is best for you. 18 VCC 240 = FMA 235
  Subtotal Technical Core courses 48  

Upon completion of the AAS degree, students may choose to complete additional KCTCS courses to meet general education requirements at UPIKE. A list of suggested courses are below. If a student transfers to UPIKE directly after completion of the AAS degree, they will need to meet these additional general education requirements, in addition to requirements for the major.

KCTCS Course Course or Category Credits UPIKE Course
ENG 281 or HUM 281 Introduction to Film (AH) 3 FMA 135 – Personal Place

PSY 110 OR SOC 101

General Psychology OR Introduction to Sociology (SB)


PSY 110 OR SOC 119 - Personal Place

BIO 112/113 OR CHE 170/175

Intro to Biology and Lab OR General College Chemistry with Lab OR

Science with Lab (NS)

4 BIO 100/101 OR CHE 100/101 Physical and Natural Place
HIS 101 or 102

World Civilization I or World Civilization II (AH) Heritage (CS)

3 HIS 221 or HIS 222 - Historical Place
ENG 282 or HUM 282 International Film Studies (AH) 3 FMA 255 – Cultural and Global Place
ENG 161 or HUM 120 or MUS 100 Intro to Literature or Intro to Humanities or Intro to Music (AH) 3 ENG 200 or HUM 211 or MUS 115 - Cultural and Global Place
  Subtotal Finding Your Place Requirements 19  

University of pikeville requirements

KCTCS Course Course or Category Credits UPIKE Course
  Creating Comics 3 FMA 380- Engaging Our World 
  Engaging Our World Requirement 3  
KCTCS Course Course Credits UPIKE Course
VCC 166 Photoshop Basics 3 FMA 170
VCM 240 Advanced Digital Video 3 FMA 235
  Scriptwriting 3 FMA 325
  Intermediate Broadcasting 3 FMA 330
  Digital Film Production 3 FMA 335
  Advanced Studies in Film 3 FMA 355
  Motion Graphics and Design 3 FMA 370
  Senior Production 3 FMA 400
  Internship in Film and Media Arts 3 FMA 498
  Categories below can be any of the following FMA courses – FMA 365 Film Festivals, FMA 375 Web Design and Development, FMA 390 Special Topics, FMA 430 Advanced Broadcasting, FMA 435 Client-Based Video Production, FMA 499 Directed Study in Film and Media Arts 15  
  FMA Elective 3  
  FMA Elective 3  
  Required 300-400 Level FMA Course 3  
  Degree (BA or BS) Option Requirements 3  
  Degree (BA or BS) Option Requirements 3  
  Subtotal Major Credit Hours at UPIKE 42  

Category 6: General Electives as needed to meet minimum requirements of 120 semester hours.

Subtotal Major Credit Hours at UPIKE: 42
Subtotal Major Credit Hours: 42
Subtotal General Education Courses: 36
Total Major Credit Hours: 120