WGU (Western Governors University)

Learn more about the partnership between KCTCS and WGU on WGU's partner website.

WGU is nonprofit, competency based, surprisingly affordable, supportive, flexible and online. Students who transfer an associate degree complete their bachelor’s degree in 18 months on average. Many complete faster.  

Explore the over 100 transfer pathways offered by WGU on their KCTCS transfer site
Note: these are the courses recommended by WGU to take for seamless transfer.  Please work with a KCTCS advisor to make sure KCTCS program and graduation requirements are met.  This information is subject to change without prior notice and does not guarantee seamless transfer. 

Please join us for the 4 times a month webinar, "Transfer Made Easy." Sign up for the webinar here.

KCTCS graduates and staff are eligible to apply for the $2,000 WGU KCTCS Partner Scholarship. Apply for the scholarship here.