University of Louisville


The University of Louisville is especially proud of its partnership with KCTCS and strives to make the transition from KCTCS to UofL as simple as possible. Towards that goal, UofL offers many resources for KCTCS students:

  • KCTCS Transfer Scholarship: This scholarship is reserved specifically for KCTCS students and is awarded based on GPA and credit hours.
  • Pre-evaluation of credit: If you’re wondering how your credits will transfer to UofL, you can request a pre-evaluation of credit and find out exactly how the classes you took previously will translate to UofL courses.
  • Online programs: UofL offers 12 completely online degree programs which means you don’t have to live in Louisville to complete your degree.
  • Organizational Leadership and Learning: UofL has a special major that is particularly flexible for non-traditional students. It’s all online and offers a special class called Prior Learning Assessment which allows students to apply life experience towards their degree.
  • KCTCS Transfer Pathways: If you are curious about what courses you should take at KCTCS before transferring UofL, you can check out these pathways to find out.
  • Metro-College: UofL partners with UPS to provide students with free tuition in exchange for working at UPS.

If you have any questions about transferring to UofL, please reach out to our Transfer Services Office at or 502-852-0166. You can schedule an appointment with us at any time or you can take a tour of our campus.