Transfer Partnerships and Guides

Simmons College

Simmons College of Kentucky is pleased to partner with KCTCS to provide further educational opportunities for its students.  Louisville's only HBCU, Simmons makes the transfer process seamless by providing quality customer service, from admissions, to transfer credit evaluation, to eligible scholarships.  Since 1879, Simmons College of Kentucky has strived to educate people through strong academic and professional programs, in order that they may become productive citizens and agents of change in society.

Our Academic Programs
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of science
associate of Arts

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Reverse transfer

KCTCS students will be encouraged to complete their associate degree before transferring to Simmons College of Kentucky; however, should a KCTCS student transfer to Simmons College prior to completion of an associate degree, KCTCS and Simmons College may provide the opportunity for students to subsequently complete the associate degree in absentia through Reverse Transfer. KCTCS agrees to evaluate credit from Simmons College for former students and may award an Associate degree provided the student meets all requirements for the credential, including the residency requirement.  The acceptance of credit and application toward a KCTCS degree is determined by the policies of the student’s KCTCS home college.