Northern Kentucky University

NKU has developed several pathways to assist KCTCS students determine what courses they should take to transfer to a specific program at NKU.  Students wishing to transfer credits outside of the pathways listed below will have their application of transfer evaluated on a course by course basis. 

NKU has established a dual admission program to assist KCTCS students with their transfer to NKU. The NKU application fee will be waived for participants in this program. 

KCTCS students in an approved pathway are eligible for admission with junior standing to NKU provided they submit a completed application and have a minimum of 60 credits with a 2.0 or higher GPA.  

Reverse Transfer
Reverse transfer allows students who transfer to another school before earning their degree at KCTCS to earn their Associate's Degree when the missing coursework is completed at the other school. KCTCS has an agreement with Northern Kentucky University to award eligible students an Associate Degree through reverse transfer.  For more information, contact the transfer coordinator at the KCTCS college you attended. 

KCTCS Scholars Award
For more information, visit NKU's Tuition & Scholarship Page

KCTCS2NKU is a dual-admissions partnership between the Kentucky Community & Technical College System and Northern Kentucky University. This program is for transfer assistance for students working toward the completion of an associate degree planning to transfer from a KCTCS institution to Northern Kentucky University.   

Benefits of the KCTCS2NKU program include:

  • Assigned academic advisors at both NKU and your KCTCS institution
  • Access to NKU events and facilities (e.g., sporting events, Rec Center)
  • Transfer Coordinator to assist in transitioning
  • Access to NKU resources (e.g., Library, Tutoring)
  • Application, confirmation, and orientation fees waived when you apply to transfer

Students can apply to participate in the pathway program by completing the online application on the KCTCS2NKU webpage. Students must be enrolled in at least six credit hours at a KCTCS institution, enrolled in an associate degree program, plan to transfer to NKU, and maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA at their KCTCS institution.


To view the pathways, please visit the KCTCS 2 NKU site



For more information visit NKU's Transfer website