Excelsior University

Excelsor University is extending some great benefit to KCTCS students through our Academic Partnership Agreement. Highlights are listed below: 

  • Qualifying students are eligible for a special discount from Excelsior's stated fees and tution. 
  • Graduates must transfer from KCTCS with an associate degree with a minimum GPA of 2.0
  • Students wishing to participate in Excelsior College‚Äôs 90+30 program and who are receiving Federal financial aid and who have already completed their associates degree with KCTSCS may be eligible to utlize their financial aid at Excelsior through a financial aid consortium agreement. For more information, please visit Excelsior's Federal Financial Aid Website

More information can be found at Excelsior's Partner Website


Pathways are being updated. Please check back soon, for new information!