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Eastern Kentucky University

EKU is committed to KCTCS schools and proud of the individualized transfer advising that we offer. KCTCS students can request an personalized evaluation that considers both the courses they have already completed and any additional KCTCS course recommendations that will move them closer to their EKU degree. The details of your transfer are as unique as your plans for the future, and the EKU transfer team is here to help with both!

Visit the Student Outreach and Transition Office website to learn more about the transfer process or email or call our dedicated transfer staff at ekusoto@eku.edu and 859-622-7876. KCTCS students can also find and schedule an appointment with a transfer advisor and view an inventory of the 4,500+ KCTCS courses with established EKU equivalencies in the Transfer Lookup Guide. It’s never too early and it’s never too late. Talk transfer with us today!