Transfer Partnerships and Guides

Bellarmine University

Bellarmine University is proud to partner with Kentucky Community and Technical College System, and is committed to making the transition from KCTCS to BU easy and affordable!

This program allows students from any KCTCS college and/or campus to seamlessly transfer credits with no application fee. As part of the partnership, Bellarmine is offering KCTCS students a total tuition rate of $16,300 per year (inclusive of fees and course materials). KCTCS students also have the opportunity to apply for up to two free summer courses (with Bellarmine), housing grants, and more!

10 Reasons Students Transfer to Bellarmine
  1. Affordability - Bellarmine offers generous transfer tuition support at a discounted rate for KCTCS students.
  2. Academic Excellence - Bellarmine is a nationally-ranked university with faculty who care about your personal success.
  3. Personal Attention - Bellarmine's unparalleled student-centered approach includes small class sizes, a designated advisor and staff member for support.
  4. Professional Success - Career advising that places 99% of Bellarmine students in job or graduate school within 6 months of graduating.
  5. Campus Life - Residential opportunities on Bellarmine's beautiful, welcoming campus. Housing grants (up to $2,000) are available for KCTCS students to apply for once admitted*!
  6. Community - Bellarmine provides access to incredible amenities, including vibrant campus engagements, personalized to fit the unique transfer student experience.
  7. No Application Fee - Apply today! It isn't too late to start this year. Interested students must have at least 24 credit hours and a 2.0 GPA to apply.
  8. FREE Summer Courses - Eligible KCTCS students* can take between 1-2 classes during the summer prior to enrolling at Bellarmine at no cost!
  9. Transferability - There are a variety of ways to determine how coursework will transfer from KCTCS to BU!
  10. Bellarmine Difference - Bellarmine is committed to student support and success! Our transfer students agree:
    • "It was honestly a pretty easy transition...I had an awesome advisor. She made the transition super easy. I felt super comfortable going on campus and knowing where to go."
    • “I’m so grateful Bellarmine has an inclusive environment.”
    • "I’ve been able to fit in and thrive at Bellarmine.” 
    • "They were so welcoming and wanted to make sure I was taken care of and had everything I needed to succeed at Bellarmine.” 

If you have any questions about transferring to Bellarmine University, please reach out to Joshua O.D. Williams at (502) 272-8136 or

*Limited quantities of housing grants are available, so applying early is encouraged.

*(eligibility based upon entry term and total credits). Students with 51 credits may be eligible to take up to two free summer courses; all other students may be eligible to take one free summer course. Students must enroll at Bellarmine in the fall semester immediately following.