AS to BS in Interdisciplinary Studies

admissions practices

For acceptance into the Interdisciplinary Studies program, the student must meet the following criteria:

  1. Complete and submit the application online.
  2. Arrange to have all official transcripts from all regionally-accredited post-secondary institutions attended sent to the Office of Admissions.
  3. Minimum College GPA of 2.0.

acceptance and application of credits

Academic credit will be accepted and applied toward the specified degree program at Midway University as identified in the Course Articulation Matrix included in this agreement.

kctcs requirements

KCTCS Course Course or Category Credits

Midway Course

ENG 101 Writing I (WC) 3 ENG 101
ENG 102 Writing II (WC) 3 ENG 102
COM 181 Basic Public Speaking (OC) 3 COM 205
TBS XXX Arts and Humanities (AH) Heritage* 3 TBD XXX
TBS XXX Arts and Humanities (AH) Humanities* 3 TBD XXX
PSY 110 General Psychology (SB) 3 PSY 180
ANT 160 or SOC 220 Social and Behavioral Sciences Course (SB)* 3 DVS 290
TBS XXX Natural Sciences (NS) 3 TBD XXX
TBS XXX Natural Sciences with Lab (SL) 4 TBD XXX
MAT 150 College Algebra (QR) 3 MTH 140
TBS XXX Quantitative Reasoning (QR) 3 TBD XXX
  Subtotal General Education Courses 34  
KCTCS Course Course or Category Credits Midway Course
BIO 120 General Ecology (NS) 3 ENV 201
TBS XXX Natural Sciences (NS) OR Quantitative Reasoning (QR) 3 TBD XXX
  Subtotal AS Requirement Courses 6  

*At least 6 hours must be from Quantitative Reasoning and/or Natural Science

KCTCS Course Course or Category Credits Midway Course
DIL XXX Digital Literacy** 3 TBD XXX
TBS XXX First-Year Experience 3 MWY 101
WGS 200 or WGS 201 Arts and Humanities (AH) OR Social & Behavioral Sciences Course (SB) 3 WST 200
TBS XXX Elective 3 TBD XXX
TBS XXX Elective 3 TBD XXX
TBS XXX Elective 3 TBD XXX
TBS XXX Elective 3 TBD XXX
  Subtotal Elective Courses 21  
  TOTAL Associate Degree Hours 61  

* Recommend students pick from the KCTCS course equivalencies listed in the B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies table

** Students must demonstrate computer/digital literacy skills, either through completing a course or passing a test.

Midway Requirements

Course Number KCTCS Course Hours Course Number Midway Course
    3 IDS 101 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies
    3 IDS 310 Experiential/Service Learning I
    3 IDS 410 Experiential/Service Learning II
    3 IDS 490 IDS Capstone
    3 ENG 380 Writing Across the Disciplines
  Subtotal Major Hours 15    

Courses for the self-designed major are to be proposed by students and their advisor and then submitted to the appropriate Dean for presentation and approval by the Curriculum and Policy Committee. The Self-Designed Major provides an opportunity for students to create an academic major that is different from the other majors offered by the University. Students may combine multiple academic disciplines to customize a unique program of study individually tailored to their goals and interests. Please contact Midway University for questions about specific courses which transfer in as part of the self-designed major. A maximum of 80 hours may be transferred in toward a bachelor’s degree at Midway University.

Course Number KCTCS Course Hourse Course Number Midway Course
TBS XXX Elective 3 TBD XXX Elective
TBS XXX Elective 3 TBD XXX Elective
TBS XXX Elective 3 TBD XXX Elective
  Subtotal Elective Hours 9    
  Subtotal Interdisciplinary Studies Hours 15    
  Subtotal Self-Designed Major Hours 36    
  Total Midway Hours  60    
  Total Baccalaureate Degree Credit Hours 121    

Please Note: Students transferring to Midway University may transfer a total up to 80 credit hours toward degree requirements.

B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies - 120 HRS Minimum

***A minimum of 36 hours of credit hours must be earned in courses numbered 300 or above for B.A. from Midway University.

****36 of the last 40 hours must be completed at Midway University as a residency requirement.