AS to BS in Biology, General Biology Concentration

Completion of the following curriculum will satisfy the requirements for the Associate in Science degree at the Kentucky Community and Technical College System and leads to the Bachelor of Science in Biology, General Biology Concentration at Eastern Kentucky University.


To apply as a transfer:

  • Complete the EKU online application
  • Application processing fee waived for KCTC students
  • Provide official college transcripts for each institution attended reflecting all coursework attempted or earned. Only credits from regionally accredited institutions will be accepted.
  • Students who have earned 23 hours or fewer of college credits after high school graduation must also provide a final high school transcript along with ACT or SAT scores and meet the requirements for incoming freshmen.
  • Students must have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.


On-Campus Application Deadlines

Fall Semester: August 1st
Spring Semester: December 1st
Summer Term: May 1st

Financial Aid School Code: 001963


Students who have already earned a Bachelor’s Degree or are enrolled in 100 percent online programs are not eligible for Transfer Scholarships.

Students who transfer to EKU with a minimum of 24 college credits are eligible to receive the university’s Transfer Scholarship. Students must be enrolled full time and maintain an EKU GPA of 3.0+ to retain the scholarship. The maximum award for the scholarship is for 3 academic years (6 semesters). 

Below is a breakdown of the scholarship requirements and the annual award amounts:

Scholarship Name Annual Award Qualifying College GPA
Colonel Plus $4,000 3.75+
Colonel $3,000 3.50 - 3.74
Maroon Plus $2,000 3.25 - 3.49
Maroon $1,000 3.0 - 3.24

Deadline for receipt of application and transcripts to receive consideration for Transfer Scholarships
Fall Semester: June 15
Spring: November 15
Summer: April 1


TBS XXX means to be selected by KCTCS student.
TBD XXX means to be determined by EKU based on course selected.

KCTCS Course Course or Category Credits EKU Course
ENG 101 Writing I  3 ENG 101
ENG 102 Writing II 3 ENG 102
TBS XXX  Oral Communication  3 TBD XXX
TBS XXX Heritage 3 TBD XXX
TBS XXX Humanities 3 TBD XXX
PSY 110 General Psychology 3 PSY 200
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 3 SOC 131
MAT 150 or 
MAT 151 or 
STA 151 or 
MAT 161
College Algebra or Introduction to Statistics or
Statistics and Algebra
MAT 114
STA 220 or 
STA 251
Statistics or
Applied Statistics
3 STA 215
114/115 or
Biology I and Lab or
Principles of Biology I Lecture/Lab
BIO 111
116/117 or
Biology II and Lab or
Principles of Biology II Lecture/Lab
4 BIO 112

Subtotal General Education Core Courses: 35 - 39

KCTCS Course Course  or Category Credits EKU Course
MAT 170  Brief Calculus with Applications 3 MAT 211
General College Chemistry I w/ Lab 5 CHE 111/111L

Subtotal AA/AS Requirement Courses: 8

KCTCS Course Course or Category Credits EKU Course
DIL XXX Digital Literacy  0-3  
TBS XXX First-Year Experience  0-3  
CHE 180/185 General College Chemistry II Lecture/Lab 5  
PHY 201/202 College Physics I  5  
BIO 140/141 
or BIO 142/143 or  BIO 227 or EST 150
Botany with Lab or
Zoology with Lab or
Principles of Microbiology with Lab or
Introductory Ecology

Subtotal Elective Courses 13-17
TOTAL Associate Degree Hours 60


EKU Course Course Credits KCTCS Course
BIO 111 Cellular and Molecular Biology 4 BIO 
114/115 or 
BIO 150 & 
BIO 112 Ecology and Evolution  4 BIO 
116/117 or 
BIO 152 & 
BIO 315 Genetics 4  
BIO 316 Ecology 4 EST 150
BIO 318 General Botany 4 BIO 
BIO 319 General Zoology 4 BIO 
BIO 320 Principles of Microbiology 4 BIO 227
BIO 495 Evolutionary Application and Theory  1  
General Biology Concentration Courses
EKU Course Course Credits KCTCS Course
TBS XXX Choose and 12 hours from the following: 
any 300, 400 or 500 level BIO, CHE, or PHY courses not included in the Biology core or 
from which Biology majors are excluded.
12 TBD
EKU Course Course Credits KCTCS Course
CHE 111/111L  General Chemistry I Lecture/Lab 4 CHE 
CHE 112/112L  General Chemistry II Lecture/Lab  4 CHE 
CHE 361/361L Organic Chemistry I Lecture/Lab 4 CHE 
MAT 211 Applied Calculus 3 MAT 170
PHY 131 College Physics I 5 PHY 201 
and 202
STA 215 Introduction to Statistical Reasoning 3 STA 220 or 
EKU Course Course Credits KCTCS Course
  Free electives to reach 120 hours 9-12  

Subtotal EKU Credit Hours: 60
Total Baccalaureate Degree Credit Hours: 120

Updated: 09/25/2020