Associate in Arts to Bachelor of Social Work

Completion of the following curriculum will satisfy the requirements for Associate in Arts at the Kentucky Community and Technical College System and prepares students to transfer to and pursue a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Eastern Kentucky University. 

admissions requirements

To apply as a transfer:

  • Complete the EKU online application
  • Application processing fee waived for KCTC students
  • Provide official college transcripts for each institution attended reflecting all coursework attempted or earned. Only credits from regionally accredited institutions will be accepted.
  • Students who have earned 23 hours or fewer of college credits after high school graduation must also provide a final high school transcript along with ACT or SAT scores and meet the requirements for incoming freshmen.
  • Students must have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.

general transfer requirements

On-Campus Application Deadlines

Fall Semester: August 1st
Spring Semester: December 1st
Summer Term: May 1st

Online Program Application Deadlines

Fall A Term: July 5
Fall B Term: August 31
Spring A Term: November 30
Spring B Term: January 31
Summer A Term: April 5
Summer B Term: May 31

Financial Aid School Code: 001963

on-campus transfer scholarships

Students who have already earned a Bachelor’s Degree or are enrolled in 100 percent online programs are not eligible for Transfer Scholarships.

Students who transfer to EKU with a minimum of 24 college credits are eligible to receive the university’s Transfer Scholarship. Students must be enrolled full time and maintain an EKU GPA of 3.0+ to retain the scholarship. The maximum award for the scholarship is for 3 academic years (6 semesters). 

Below is a breakdown of the scholarship requirements and the annual award amounts

Scholarship Name Annual Award Qualifying College GPA
Colonel Plus $4,000 3.75+
Colonel $3,000 3.50 – 3.74
Maroon Plus $2,000 3.25 – 3.49
Maroon $1,000 3.0 – 3.24

Deadline for receipt of application and transcripts to receive consideration for Transfer Scholarships
Fall Semester: June 15
Spring: November 15
Summer: April 1


TBS XXX means to be selected by KCTCS student.
TBD XXX means to be determined by EKU based on course selected.

KCTCS Course Course or Category Credits EKU Course
ENG 101 Writing I  3 ENG 101
ENG 102 Writing II 3 ENG 102
TBS XXX Oral Communication 3 TBD XXX
TBS XXX Heritage  3 TBD XXX
TBS XXX Humanities 3 TBD XXX
PSY 110 General Psychology 3 PSY 200
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 3 SOC 131
TBS XXX Social & Behavioral Science* 3 TBD XXX
TBS XXX Natural Science W/ Lab 4 TBD XXX
MAT 146 or MAT 150 Contemporary College Mathematics or College 
3 MAT 105 or MAT 114
STA 210 Statistics: A Human Force in Judgment 3 SOC 232

Subtotal General Education Core Courses: 34

KCTCS Course Course or Category Credits EKU Course
TBS XXX Arts & Humanities and/or Social and Behavior 
Sciences and/or Foreign Language
TBS XXX Arts & Humanities and/or Social & Behavioral 
Sciences and/or Foreign Language
(suggested prefixes ANT, FAM, POL, PSY, SOC, CMS 
or COM)

Subtotal AA/AS Requirement Courses: 6

KCTCS Course Course or Category Credits EKU Course
TBS XXX Digital Literacy  0-3 TBD XXX
TBS XXX First year Experience 1-3 TBD XXX
Intro to Social Services 3 SWK 210
SWK 222 Development of Social Welfare  3 SWK 310
TBS XXX To be Selected by Student (suggested prefixes 
HMS 211/
SWK 260
Crisis Intervention (recommended by EKU)  3 SWK 365
HMS 212/
SWK 255
Introduction to Addictions (recommended by EKU) 3 SWK 440

Subtotal Elective Courses: 21

TOTAL Associate Degree Hours: 61

EKU Requirements

Major Core Courses
EKU Course Course or Category Credits KCTCS Course
SWK 210 Introduction to Social Work 3 HMS 
SWK 225 Human Behavior/Social Environment I 3 None
SWK 310 W Social Welfare Policy History 3 SWK 222
SWK 335 Human Behavior/Social Environment III 3 None
SWK 340 Social Work Research Methods I  3 None
SWK 350 Social Work Practice I 3 None
SWK 354 Social Work Practice Methods 3 None
SWK 355  Social Work Practice II  3 None
SWK 360  Social Work Practice III  3 None
SWK 390  Field Experience in a Social Agency 3 None
SWK 410 Social Welfare Policy Practice 3 None
SWK 490 Social Work Practicum 12 None
Chose 6 hours from courses below
EKU Course Course or Category Credits KCTCS Course
SWK 344 Stress Management and Self Care 3 None
SWK 365 Crisis Intervention 3 HMS 
SWK 440 Addiction 3 HMS 
SWK 455 Selected Topics in Social Work 3 None
SWK 456 Children’s Services 3 None
SWK 457 Assessing Needs of Older Adults 3 None

Total Baccalaureate Degree Credit Hours: 120

EKU Course Course or Category Credits KCTCS Course
PSY 200 Intro to Psychology 3 PSY 110
SOC 131 Introductory Sociology  3 SOC 101
SOC 232 Social Statistics 3 STA 210
SOC 400 Racial and Ethnic Relations 3 None
TBS XXX Electives to reach 120  12-18 TBD XXX

Subtotal EKU Credit Hours: 60
Total Baccalaureate Degree Credit Hours: 120