Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational Support (DANTES) Subject & Standardized Tests (DSSTs)

Advance Placement

What Are DSSTs?

DSSTs are subject-area examinations that are comparable to end-of-course exams. Through a series of 38 exams in several subject areas, the nationally recognized DSST program provides an opportunity to earn college credits for learning gained outside of the traditional classroom. While originally restricted to active and retired military personnel, these tests are now available to civilians.


How Can I Earn DSST Credit?

For more information on registering for a DSST exam and finding your nearest test center (which may be located at your local college), please visit the DSST website.

A minimum score of 46 is required to receive course credit for a DSST exam.


Is There a Cost for DSST Credit?

The fee for each DSST exam is $80 (subject to change), and any cost for the DSST exam will be paid by the student.

As of August 2014, DANTES funds DSST testing for eligible service members and spouses at Base Education Offices and at National Test Centers. DANTES funds the first attempt on each DSST subject exam; subsequent attempts of the same DSST subject exam must be paid by the student.