Use Blackboard

  • Navigate to Mypath. Choose Blackboard and login if you are not automatically directed. Alternately, you can login directly at
  • Choose “Courses” from the menu on the left.
  • Select the course that you are teaching. For easier navigation, you can use the dropdown menu near the top of the screen to only see courses you are teaching this semester. 
  • If the course shell is newly created, you may have instructor choice enabled. 
  • If you are not already familiar with Blackboard Learn Original, it is recommended you choose the Blackboard Ultra course view. This version of Blackboard is easier for new users to navigate.  It also works better on the Blackboard App, which many students use. 
  • Watch this video on how to change to Ultra Course View.

Courses are not automatically available to students - it is up to you as the instructor to make them open to students. Failing to make content available is a common mistake for instructors. Go ahead and make the course available to students before you do anything just so you don’t forget. 

Let students know that you will be using your Blackboard course shell in case of a campus closure. You can do this via Blackboard by sending a group message via the Blackboard email function. If you choose to, the message will not only be housed in Blackboard but will also be sent to the student’s KCTCS email address.

Blackboard Collaborate is a useful tool that will allow you to hold real-time meetings with students from a distance. Collaborate is an easy tool because students can access meetings via Blackboard, the free Blackboard Collaborate app, or from their phone. 

Depending on your teaching style and preference, you may want to include other components of the Blackboard course. If you believe it is appropriate for your course and students, you can include assignments, quizzes, exams, discussion boards, and uploaded content for student review.  You can also take attendance in Blackboard.  Review the links below to find help for these topics.  Resources specific to your teaching strategies can be found in the Determine Your Remote Teaching Strategies section.

There are many options for help available to KCTCS faculty.  Here are some ways you can get help with your Blackboard course.