Remote Teaching Toolkit

Although we hope to never have to suddenly shift gears and teach courses remotely due to emergencies, the reality is that sometimes weather, natural disasters, and disease prevent us from meeting in person. This website is designed to help faculty develop plans and strategies for teaching remotely should circumstances prevent face-to-face classes. As you plan your remote teaching strategies, remember there is no one right way to continue to move classes to remote instruction. You should be aware that remote teaching is not the same as online teaching as student access to technology may have changed. 

  • Get Started:  Guidance to help faculty begin to think about the remote teaching process, including links to download the Remote Teaching Form and instructions on how to use Blackboard Collaborate
  • Follow Remote Teaching Practices:  Commonly suggested practices for faculty to consider when developing their remote teaching plans
  • Use Blackboard:  Information to help faculty get started in Blackboard, including links to help options across KCTCS
  • Determine Your Remote Teaching Strategies:  Suggestions for ways for faculty to match their in-person pedagogies with remote teaching pedagogies
  • Prepare Your Course Materials:  An overview of tools like OneDrive and Blackboard Ally’s accessibility features