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Medical Records Specialist Diploma

Medical Information Technology graduates prepare medical records and reports, maintain paper and electronic files, order supplies, perform accounting procedures, work with medical insurance and coding, and receive patients in a variety of health care settings.  Some of the diplomas include Medical Administrative Assistant, Medical Insurance Coder, Electronic Medical Records, and Medical Compliance.  Students enrolled in the degree or diploma programs are required to do an internship or capstone course. 

Progression in the Medical Information Technology program is contingent upon achievement of a grade of

ā€œCā€ or better in each course and maintenance of a 2.0 cumulative grade point average or better (on a 4.0


Credit Hours: 37

Upon completion of the program, the graduate can:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic medical terminology and human anatomy and physiology.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of business English communications skills.
  • Use a computer system to produce accurate documents in a specified amount of time.
  • Compose written, oral, and electronic business communications.
  • Key and format business letters, memos, reports, and tables.
  • Use current software including operating systems, database, spreadsheet, word processing, presentation, voice recognition, and telecommunications.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic medical insurance coding terminology and procedures.
  • Identify and apply rules and regulations of medical filing systems and procedures.
  • Demonstrate and understanding of office technology concepts and applications.
  • Operate a computer using various computer application programs.

Required Courses

General Education / Applied Academics

BIO 135 Basic Anatomy and Physiology with Laboratory OR 4
OST 108 Editing Skills for Office Professional OR 3
ENG 101 Writing I (3)
  Subtotal 7

 *Students can fulfill the Biology requirement with both BIO 137 and BIO 139.

Technical or Support Courses

OST 105 Introduction to Information Systems OR 3
CIT 105 Introduction to Computers (3)
OST 110 Document Formatting and Word Processing 3
OST 210 Advanced Word Processing Application 3
OST 235 Business Communications Technology 3
OST 240 Software Integration OR 3
CIT 130 Productivity Software (3)
MIT 103 Medical Office Terminology OR 3
AHS 115 Medical Terminology OR (3)
CLA 131 Medical Terminology from Greek & Latin (3)
MIT 295 Medical Information Technology Capstone 3
MIT 230 Medical Information Management 3
MIT 217 Medical Office Procedures 3
MIT 228 Electronic Medical Record 3
  Subtotal 30
  Total 37

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