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Medical Transcriptionist Certificate

24 Credit Hours

Medical Transcriptionist:

  1. Demonstrate keyboarding speed and accuracy with a minimum rate of 60 nwpm.
  2. Identify root word, suffixes, and prefixes for medical terms.
  3. Demonstrate spelling mastery of terms relating to the skin and following systems: skeletal, muscular, blood and lymph nodes, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive urinary, nervous, endocrine, reproductive, eyes, ears, and pharmacological.
  4. Demonstrate competency of transcription equipment operation.

Required Courses

  • ENG 101 - Writing I
  • OST 110 - Document Formatting and Introduction to Word Processing
  • OST 210 - Advanced Word Processing Applications 
  • MIT 103 - Medical Office Terminology
  • AHS 115 - Medical Terminology
  • MIT 217 - Medical Office Procedures

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