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Medical Coding Certificate

22 Credit Hours

Medical Coding:

  1. Discuss legal and ethical considerations in a medical setting.
  2. Identify and properly use nationally recognized medical coding systems.
  3. Explain and apply various types of medical insurance programs.
  4. Explain and properly use the special terms, marks, abbreviations, and symbols found in a medical setting.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of quality movement concepts and the impact on office interaction and patient services.

Required Courses

  • OST 110 - Document Formatting and Introduction to Word Processing
  • BIO 135 - Basic Anatomy and Physiology with Laboratory
  • MIT 103 - Medical Office Terminology
  • AHS 115 - Medical Terminology
  • MIT 104 - Medical Insurance
  • MIT 204 - Medical Coding

* Students can fulfill the Biology requirement with both BIO 137 and BIO 139

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