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Marine Industry Certificate

The Marine Technology curriculum is designed to provide a strong theoretical base for employees of the inland marine industry. The program introduces students to basic inland marine principles and concepts by applying contemporary skills in a variety of employment positions based on industry needs. It provides students with a strong foundation of managerial and operational knowledge by using a problem-solving approach in state-of-the-art classroom and work experience environments. It builds leadership, management, communication skills, and professional ethics, which serve as a foundation for future development and career success. The program contains core technical courses and advanced courses in each track to address the employment needs of the domestic market.

18 - 21 Credit Hours

 Upon completion of the in Marine Industry Certificate, the graduate can:

  1. Demonstrate basic computer skills to operate marine software applications.
  2. Describe the job and responsibilities of personnel working in the marine industry.
  3. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the equipment found aboard a towing vessel, as it relates to the daily operations of the vessel and tow.
  4. Comply with marine industry regulations and OSHA safety standards to prevent marine accidents and casualties with personnel and property.
  5. Identify the federal environmental regulations that the crew must follow.
  6. Identify the navigable river systems of the United States.

Required Courses

  • MRN 100 - Intro to Marine Technology
  • MRN 101
  • MRN 102
  • MRN 103 - Applied Marine Weather
  • MRN 104
  • MRN 203 - Environmental Protection Rules

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