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Wheelhouse Management Track

The Marine Technology curriculum is designed to provide a strong theoretical base for employees of the inland marine industry. The program introduces students to basic inland marine principles and concepts by applying contemporary skills in a variety of employment positions based on industry needs. It provides students with a strong foundation of managerial and operational knowledge by using a problem-solving approach in state-of-the-art classroom and work experience environments. It builds leadership, management, communication skills, and professional ethics, which serve as a foundation for future development and career success. The program contains core technical courses and advanced courses in each track to address the employment needs of the domestic market.

60 - 63 Credit Hours

Upon completion of the AAS in Marine Technology Wheelhouse Management track, the graduate can:

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the equipment aboard a towing vessel.
  • Comply with the navigational rules when operating the vessel.
  • Identify the structural components of vessels operating on the inland waterways.
  • Discuss vessel maneuverability characteristics in relation to its structural components and the prevailing river conditions.
  • Demonstrate leadership to personnel aboard the vessel.
  • Develop safety habits through training regimens to prepare for unexpected occurrences.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic seamanship.
  • Describe the procedures for rigging a barge into a tow.

Required Courses

General Education

Choose one of the following Quantitative Reasoning Courses (3.0 credit hours)

Choose one of the following Heritage/Humanities Courses (3.0 credit hours)

  • ART 100 - Introduction to Art
  • MUS 100 - Introduction to Music
  • REL 130 - Introduction to Religion
  • HIS 101 - World Civilization I
  • HIS 108 - History of the US through 1865
  • HIS 109 - History of the United States Since 1865

Choose one of the following Natural Sciences Courses (3.0 credit hours)

  • BIO 112 - Introduction to Biology
  • BIO 113 - Introduction to Biology Lab
  • BIO 137 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIO 139 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II
  • CHE 120 - Chemistry in Society
  • PHY 171 - Applied Physics

Technical Core

  • CIT 105 - Introduction to Computers (3.0 Credit Hours)
  • BAS 160 - Introduction to Business (3.0 Credit Hours)

Wheelhouse Management Track

  • BAS 120 - Personal Finance
  • BAS 283 - Principles of Management
  • BAS 287 - Supervisory Management
  • MRN 200
  • MRN 201
  • MRN 202 - Piloting and Navigation

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  • Courses chosen to satisfy General Education requirements must be selected from an approved list which may be found in the KCTCS catalog at https://kctcs.edu/Degrees_Training/Catalog/.
  • A course used to fulfill one category cannot be used to fulfill another category.
  • Transitional courses (courses numbered 001-099) cannot be used to satisfy graduation requirements.