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Marine Culinary Management Track

The Marine Technology curriculum is designed to provide a strong theoretical base for employees of the inland marine industry. The program introduces students to basic inland marine principles and concepts by applying contemporary skills in a variety of employment positions based on industry needs. It provides students with a strong foundation of managerial and operational knowledge by using a problem-solving approach in state-of-the-art classroom and work experience environments. It builds leadership, management, communication skills, and professional ethics, which serve as a foundation for future development and career success. The program contains core technical courses and advanced courses in each track to address the employment needs of the domestic market.

61 - 64 Credit Hours

Upon completion of the AAS in Marine Technology degree Marine Culinary Management track, the graduate can:

  • Identify the navigable river systems of the United States.
  • Discuss the roles of each department operating in a marine company.
  • Explain how different modes of transportation collaborate to transport cargo.
  • Demonstrate common managerial skills in a food service environment.
  • Demonstrate basic business financial management.
  • Identify the use, safety, and care of food service tools and equipment
  • Use sanitary and safety procedures for food handling and storage.

Required Courses

General Education

Choose one of the following Quantitative Reasoning Courses (3.0 credit hours)

Choose one of the following Heritage/Humanities Courses (3.0 credit hours)

  • ART 100 - Introduction to Art
  • MUS 100 - Introduction to Music
  • REL 130 - Introduction to Religion
  • HIS 101 - World Civilization I
  • HIS 108 - History of the US through 1865
  • HIS 109 - History of the United States Since 1865

Choose one of the following Natural Sciences Courses (3.0 credit hours)

  • BIO 112 - Introduction to Biology
  • BIO 113 - Introduction to Biology Lab
  • BIO 137 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIO 139 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II
  • CHE 120 - Chemistry in Society
  • PHY 171 - Applied Physics

Technical Core

  • CIT 105 - Introduction to Computers (3.0 Credit Hours)
  • BAS 160 - Introduction to Business (3.0 Credit Hours)

Marine Culinary Management Track Courses

  • BAS 120 - Personal Finance (3.0 Credit Hours)
  • BAS 283 - Principles of Management (3.0 Credit Hours)
  • CUL 100
  • CUL 200
  • CUL 230
  • CUL 280
  • MRN 208

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  • Courses chosen to satisfy General Education requirements must be selected from an approved list which may be found in the KCTCS catalog at
  • A course used to fulfill one category cannot be used to fulfill another category.
  • Transitional courses (courses numbered 001-099) cannot be used to satisfy graduation requirements.