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Logistics and Operations Management Track


The Logistics and Operations Management program is designed to teach students about the sourcing, procurement, conversion, and logistics concepts associated with the production and delivery of goods and services.

60.5 - 68 Credit Hours

Upon completion of the AAS in Logistics and Operations Management degree, the graduate can,

  1. Describe the role and nature of purchasing, procurement, and strategic sourcing in a supply chain context.
  2. Identify the role and importance of logistics in the areas of transportation, shipping, and warehousing.
  3. Communicate information pertinent to logistics and operations management.
  4. Demonstrate basic computer skills needed to use software applications related to logistics and supply chain management.
  5. Apply managerial techniques in developing and maintaining relationships with suppliers and customers.
  6. Identify the role of inventory in the economy.
  7. Describe how information technology supports distribution operations.
  8. Explain the principles of transportation management.


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