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Security and Loss Prevention Track

The Criminal Justice Program prepares the student for entry-level work in the fields of law enforcement, corrections, court systems, loss safety and prevention, and other related occupations.

Graduates who complete an AAS Criminal Justice Degree may seek job opportunities on the federal, state, county, municipal levels of government, and private sectors of the criminal justice field.

61 - 64 Credit Hours

Required Courses

General Education

Choose one of the following Oral Communications courses (3.0 credit hours)

  • COM 181 - Basic Public Speaking
  • COM 252 - Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

Choose one of the following Quantitative Reasoning Courses (3.0 credit hours)

Choose one of the following Natural Sciences Courses (3.0 credit hours)

  • BIO 112 - Introduction to Biology
  • BIO 113 - Introduction to Biology Lab
  • BIO 137 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIO 139 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II
  • CHE 120 - Chemistry in Society
  • PHY 171 - Applied Physics

Choose one of the following Heritage/Humanities Courses (3.0 credit hours)

  • HIS 101 - World Civilization I
  • HIS 108 - History of the US through 1865
  • HIS 109 - History of the United States Since 1865
  • ART 100 - Introduction to Art
  • MUS 100 - Introduction to Music
  • REL 130 - Introduction to Religion

Choose one of the following course

  • Computer Literacy OR General Education Elective

Technical Core Courses

  • CRJ 100
  • CRJ 202
  • CRJ 204
  • CRJ 216
  • CRJ 217
  • CRJ 295

Security and Loss Prevention Track Courses

  • CRJ 110

Choose six credit hours from the following courses

  • CRJ 210
  • CRJ 211
  • CRJ 220
  • CRJ 240
  • CRJ 245
  • CRJ 290
  • CRJ  299
  • Technical Elective

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CRJ 107 Introduction to Firearms I may be used as a technical elective only. Course will not substitute for track elective.

Criminal background checks are currently not required for the Criminal Justice AAS Program; however, students should understand that certain disqualifiers may hinder employment in the field of criminal justice. Such disqualifiers include, but are not limited to the following: criminal convictions, substance abuse, offensive social media activities, excessive traffic related offenses, and visible tattoos and body piercings. Students seeking employment in the criminal justice field or related field should research the requirements and disqualifiers of their desired areas or agencies of employment.