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Information Security Specialist Certificate

The Information Security Specialist Certificate offers students the opportunity to earn a credential demonstrating the fundamentals of information security. This certificate consists of the core skills that students need to effectively build and maintain information security systems. In addition, this certificate will provide a way for professionals currently in the industry to update their information security skills and for new students to show progress in the CIT program.

19 Credit Hours

Upon completion of this program, the graduate can:

  1. Explain the fundamental principles of information security.
  2. Prepare for the common attacks and exploits against computers and networks.
  3. Apply data security methodologies in situational cases to scan network computers and applications for vulnerabilities.
  4. Configure firewalls and other perimeter defenses against attacks.
  5. Install and configure intrusion detection software.
  6. Describe basic functions of the Linux operating system.
  7. Demonstrate a working knowledge of an elective security topic, such as operating system security, network security, computer forensics, or another selected security topic.
  8. Recognize and recall major elements and methods of securing networks and workstations.
  9. Identify basic attributes, purposes, and functions of network components including wireless technologies.
  10. Assess the security needs of computer and network systems to recommend safeguard solutions for maintenance of security devices, systems, and procedures.

Required Courses

Choose one of the following Level I Network Courses

  • CIT 160 - Intro to Networking Concepts
  • CIT 161 - Introduction to Networks

Other Required Courses

 Choose one of the following Security / Network Elective CIT courses

 Choose one of the following CIT Elective Courses

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