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Human Resource Management Certificate

The Human Resource Management Certificate prepares students for entry-level positions in the human resource field and related occupations.

18 Credit Hours

Upon completion of this certificate, the graduate can:

  1. Describe the human resource manager’s job responsibilities in successfully completing the staffing function.
  2. Describe various aspects of federal and state legislation affecting human resource management.
  3. Evaluate human resource planning methods, sources of job candidates and the various steps of the selection process.
  4. Evaluate different compensation methods, prepare payroll records, compute payroll deductions and complete payroll entries using both a manual and computerized accounting systems.
  5. Describe the components of performance appraisal systems, training and development activities and the establishment of a safe work environment.
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of employee rights, discipline issues and labor relations.
  7. Describe the role of the supervisor and his/her responsibilities as it relates to the planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling activities in a modern organization.
  8. Explain methods used for the improvement of productivity, the supervision of groups, the management of change and conflict and the establishment of total quality management principles of today’s organizations.
  9. Identify the different skills necessary for effective and ethical supervision.
  10. Utilize problem-solving and decision-making skill techniques.


Required Courses

Choose from one of the following technical courses

  • BAS 284 - Applied Management Skills
  • BAS 288 - Personal and Organizational Leadership
  • BAS 290 - Management, Ethics, and Society
  • OST 275 - Office Management
  • QMS 101 - Introduction to Quality Systems

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