Tutoring | KCTCS


Learn on Demand wants students to be successful in completing their goals with us.  Students can enhance their academic success by taking advantage of course-specific tutoring available through Learn on Demand. Course-specific tutoring in the following subjects is provided at no additional cost to Learn on Demand students:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • ESL (English as Second Language)
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Writing

Course-specific tutoring service is part of your Learn on Demand course.  To access this service, you must enter through the course in Blackboard.  A link to “Tutoring” is listed on the left-navigation bar, and will direct you to the tutoring options available to support your success within a given course. The tutoring site has the following areas of assistance: Live Help from expert tutors, Skills Building to brush up or catch up on skills with a live tutor, Writing Lab to submit assignments for expert assistance, 24/7 question/support, a college skills diagnostic tool for targeted skills building and a Study Tools section.

What if course-specific tutoring is not available in your course? Or in subject for which you’d like tutoring?   What if you need to find a tutor to work with in-person?  Contact the Go KCTCS! Student Service Center to get assistance in finding other tutoring/academic support services that may be online, or available in-person through the academic program or at a KCTCS college.