Student Support

No matter where you are in your academic pursuit Learn on Demand is ready for you now. We build for your success with services to support you including: 

Success Coaches - dedicated to helping you prepare for your online education and reach your goals, they are your learning advocate! 

Online tutoring – Course-specific tutoring is provided at no additional cost to Learn on Demand students with Live Help from expert tutors, Skills Building to brush up or catch up on skills with a live tutor, Writing Lab to submit assignments for expert assistance, 24/7 question/support, a college skills diagnostic tool for targeted skills building and a Study Tools section. 

Affordability – Lowest tuition in the region and multiple ways to access funding from financial aid to loans and scholarships Learn on Demand is a cost effective way to increase your skillset and obtain that credential! 

Flexibility - Acquire the skills you need to earn a promotion, professional certification, or an online degree. Best of all, Learn on Demand offers learning that transfers to other schools and can be eligible for financial aid.

Credit for what you know - You'll never have to rehash material you already know and wait weeks for something new. Learn on Demand is designed so you can test out of a parent course or module and in passing you'll earn the credit without having to do all the coursework. 

Relevant - Learn on Demand provides you with the ability to earn and maintain professional degrees, certifications, and diplomas via on-demand content and connection with instructors facilitating each course.

The bottom line? Learn on Demand is designed to prepare you for today's high-demand careers. These programs are designed to help you jumpstart your new work life. You can start right here and build toward a new career. Learn on Demand – it just right for you!