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Medical Coding Certificate

Upon completion of the program, the graduate can:

  • Discuss legal and ethical considerations in a medical setting.
  • Identify and properly use nationally recognized medical coding systems.
  • Explain and apply various types of medical insurance programs.
  • Explain and properly use the special terms, marks, abbreviations, and symbols found in a medical setting.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of quality movement concepts and the impact on office interaction and patient services.

Credit Hours: 22

Required Courses

OST 110 Document Formatting & Word Processing 3
BIO 135 Basic Anatomy and Physiology with Lab* 4
MIT 103 Medical Office Terminology OR 3
CLA 131 Medical Terminology from Greek & Latin OR (3)
AHS 115 Medical Terminology (3)
MIT 104 Medical Insurance 3
MIT 204 Medical Coding 3
MIT 205 Advanced Medical Coding 3
  Course approved by the Program Coordinator 3
  Total Credit Hours 22

* Students can fulfill the Biology requirement with both BIO 137 and BIO 139


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