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Microsoft Enterprise Administrator Certificate

The Microsoft Enterprise Administrator certificate offers students the opportunity to earn a credential demonstrating skills in the administration and design of Microsoft enterprise networks. This certificate consists of the core skills that students need to effectively plan, build, and maintain a Microsoft network. In addition, this certificate will provide a way for professionals currently in the industry to update their Microsoft network administrator skills.

22 Credit Hours

Upon completion of this program, the graduate can:

  1. Install, configure, and manage Microsoft Windows client operating systems.
  2. Use a Microsoft Windows server to create and manage user accounts.
  3. Use a Microsoft Windows server to share and secure resources.
  4. Use a Microsoft Windows server to establish and maintain internet connections.
  5. Deploy, configure, and manage Microsoft Windows servers such as Web Servers, Terminal Servers, SharePoint Servers, and File Servers.
  6. Design an overall IT environment for an enterprise including both mid-range and long-term strategies.
  7. Plan a forest restructuring including cross-forest authentication, backward compatibility, object migration, migration planning, implementation planning, and environment preparation.
  8. Design and implement public key infrastructure including certificate services, PKI operations and maintenance, and certificate life cycle management.
  9. Design enterprise-level network services including network access policies, remote access strategy, perimeter networks, and server and domain isolation.
  10. Design core identity and access management components including forest and domain functional levels, intra-organizational authorization and authentication, and schema modifications.

Required Courses

Choose one of the following Level I Networking Courses

  • CIT 160 - Intro to Networking Concepts
  • CIT 161 - Introduction to Networks

 Other Required Courses

  • CIT 213 - MS Client/Server Config
  • CIT 214 - Server Infrastructure Admin
  • CIT 215 - Microsoft Server Administration
  • CIT 216 - Microsoft Server Advanced Services

Choose two (2) of the following CIT Electives


Program requirements list only courses available through KCTCS Online. Other options may be available through traditional KCTCS delivery methods (on campus or traditional distance learning).

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