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Computer Technician Certificate

The Computer Technician Certificate offers students the opportunity to earn a credential demonstrating computer technician competencies. The certificate consists of the core skills that students need to achieve the industry A+ and Security+ certifications. In addition, this certificate will provide a way for professionals currently in the industry to update their technician skills and for new students to show progress in the CIT program.

14 Credit Hours

Upon completion of this program, the graduate can:

  1. Use computer terminology correctly.
  2. Resolve technical questions using existing documentation.
  3. Explore computer hardware and software.
  4. Employ basic diagnostic tools to identify and solve hardware and software problems in multiple operating systems.
  5. Use network applications effectively.
  6. Describe communication protocols for computer networks.
  7. Implement basic computer system security measures.

Required Courses

  • CIT 105 - Introduction to Computers
  • CIT 111 - Computer Hardware and Software
  • CIT 180 - Security Fundamentals

Choose one of the following approved Networking Level I Courses

  • CIT 160 - Intro to Networking Concepts
  • CIT 161 - Introduction to Networks

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