Learn on Demand

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Learn on Demand offers online education at your own pace. You can take courses between 6 and 15 weeks long in the spring semester. Courses start each Monday, which gives you the flexibility to start your courses when the time is right. 

Changes Ahead for Learn on Demand

Learn on Demand as you know it is changing. Courses in these programs will no longer be offered under the name “Learn on Demand.” Courses will continue to be offered online, and some will continue to be offered at your own pace in a similar format to Learn on Demand. Talk with your college advisor to determine which course format will best meet your needs. 

Want to know more? You can find answers to many Learn on Demand Frequently Asked Questions. 

Session Dates for Learn on Demand Hybrid Classes

Spring 2022 Courses

Weeks Start Date End Date
15 1/18/22 4/29/22
14 1/24/22 4/29/22
13 1/31/22 4/29/22
12 2/7/22 4/29/22
11 2/14/22 4/29/22
10 2/22/22 4/29/22
9 2/28/22 4/29/22
8 3/7/22 4/29/22
7 3/14/22 4/29/22
6 3/21/22 4/29/22