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CIT 130 - Productivity Software

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Utilizes current word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation application software to solve common business problems. Covers basic features of each software application.

CIT 130 Syllabus

Credit Hours: 3

Course Requirements/Pre-requisites: CIT 105 OR OST 105 OR IMD 100 OR Consent of Instructor.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student can:

  • Use a productivity software package to create, edit, print, and save documents.
  • Use productivity tools such as spelling and grammar.
  • Apply formatting features such as font, color, margins, headers, and footers.
  • Use tools such as cut, copy and paste within a document and between documents.
  • Create HTML file formats for web publishing.
  • Create new documents using templates and wizards.
  • Use a word processing program to insert and use table features.
  • Use a word processing program to insert and use table column features.
  • Insert pictures and Clipart into word processing documents.
  • Use a spreadsheet package to create common business reports and budgets.
  • Use mathematical formulas and common statistical, date, financial, and logical functions.
  • Make formatting changes to a worksheet including column width, row height, cell, and table formatting.
  • Use autofill to copy and paste formulas and repeat patterns.
  • Create effective charts, including bar, line, and pie charts, to accompany business reports.
  • Use a relational database management program to create tables, queries, forms, reports, and labels.
  • Use query feature to extract information from a database using simple and compound conditions.
  • Use relationship feature to join tables in a database and obtain information from multiple tables.
  • Plan and create an electronic slide show presentation using a presentation software package.
  • Use timing, transition, and animation features to enhance a presentation.
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