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BAS 283 - Principles of Management

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Examines the functional framework of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling as it is utilized to introduce the management process. Introduces the interdisciplinary nature of management with the inclusion of relevant aspects of human behavior and rational decision making.

BAS 283 Syllabus

Credit Hours: 3

Course Requirements/Pre-requisites: BAS 160 or Consent of Instructor

Upon completion of this course, the student can:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of how contemporary approaches to management have evolved in response to changing circumstances
  • Apply principles of planning in setting clear, verifiable or measurable goals and objectives
  • Design and apply appropriate control instruments, especially budgets, procedures, policies, and rules
  • Analyze business problems and use rational decision making principles including basic math techniques
  • Identify major types of organization structures and the advantages and limitations of each
  • Describe a variety of motivational principles to improve productivity and improve human relations, leadership, and communication skills
  • Identify and discuss the impact of current issues and developments as they relate to the management process
  • Evaluate personal aptitude for management.
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