BAS 282 - Principles of Marketing

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Introduces marketing functions as it applies to various types of business organizations with attention to the marketing concept, including the marketing mix of product, price, promotion, and distribution decisions; international marketing; and social responsibility.

BAS 282 Syllabus

Credit Hours: 3

Course Requirements/Pre-requisites: BAS 160 or Consent of Instructor.

Upon completion of this course, the student can:

  • Describe the marketing functions and describe the ways marketing facilitates exchange and creates economic utility
  • Analyze current political, social, economic and demographic trends and their impact on marketing strategies and practices
  • Explain the market segmentation process as well as targeting, positioning, and mass marketing
  • Describe the different product classes for the consumer and organizational markets and apply these product classification concepts in planning and evaluating marketing strategies
  • Evaluate distribution channels in terms of marketing functions performed, degree of market exposure achieved and the balance of service to total cost
  • Describe and evaluate various promotional efforts, including advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, and publicity
  • Describe and evaluate pricing strategies and decisions
  • List the stages of the product life cycle and describe the new product development process
  • Describe the role of marketing research with respect to the development of marketing strategies, and new product ideas and marketing problem-solving
  • Describe marketing challenges currently facing businesses and organizations.
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