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BAS 267 - Introduction to Business Law

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Introduces the state and federal court systems, tort and criminal law, law of contracts, partnership, sale of goods, government regulations, bailment, negotiable instruments, methods of research, and the judicial system (discovery, trial, and appellate processes).

BAS 267 Syllabus

Credit Hours: 3

Course Requirements/Pre-requisites: None

Upon completion of this course, the student can:

  • Explain the levels found in the state and federal court systems and their jurisdictional limits.
  • Explain the differences between tort and criminal law and how they relate to the business environment
  • Describe the essential elements of a contract and demonstrate an understanding of the remedies / damages for breach of a contract.
  • Identify and distinguish among sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations.
  • Describe corporate financing procedures and the Securities Exchange Commission Laws that govern financial reporting procedures.
  • Describe bailment and the rights and duties of all parties.
  • Describe negotiable instruments and their relationships to commercial law.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the methods of researching legal citations.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of how business law affects current events (local, national, international and geography cultural diversity).
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