Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Your college program of study is designed to be taken online or on campus.

Please contact your college Academic Advisor or college Academic Advising Team. Find your advisor to learn more.

Online and on-campus courses have regular start dates. The classes can often start every few weeks and can run for as many as 16 weeks or as few as 5 weeks.

YES. Your credential requires the same courses no matter if it is taught through Learn on Demand, online, or on-campus. 

Your semester will be affected by your course schedule. How you move through a semester is impacted greatly by the term length you choose for your courses. You may choose to take courses over the length of an entire semester (e.g., 16-weeks in both fall and spring semesters) or you may split your course load by taking shorter term courses throughout the semester. Work with your advisor to learn more.  

Learn on Demand will be offered through Spring 2022. Starting in May 2022, you will have the option to continue your program of study through online or on-campus programs. 

To enroll in your courses, speak to your advisor.

KCTCS offers more online courses than any college or university in Kentucky. To find out which classes or programs are offered online go to or speak to your advisor.

Resources for on-campus and online courses will be offered by your home college. Each college offers standard resources to students including tutoring, library services, advising, etc. How these resources and others can be accessed is determined by the college. Speak to your advisor if you have questions about a specific resource or service.

Most courses have established timelines and due-dates. To find out if a course offers different timing options, speak to the professor. 

When you take courses online, your physical distance from the college is not a concern. You can take online classes from anywhere in the world as long as you have stable Internet access and a reliable computer. 

YES…You will be able to complete your program of study by taking online or on-campus classes.

A student with external experiences may be awarded credit by their college. Some programs have specific criteria that determine if credit can be earned for non-academic experiences. Some courses may require special examinations. Speak to your advisor to learn more. 

Yes. See Question 12, Will I be able to complete my degree… for more information. 

If you are no longer taking Learn on Demand courses you should speak to your assigned advisor for information related to your program or college.