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Online Orientation

Welcome to the Learn On Demand Orientation!

The purpose of orientation is to help you understand

  • What to expect as a student
  • Your responsibilities as a student
  • The online learning system ("Blackboard")

About Orientation

There are three parts to the orientation

  1. Orientation to Online Learning
    • Here you will learn what online learning is and if online learning is for you.
  1. Orientation to Learn on Demand
    • Here you will learn that Learn on Demand is affordable and flexible. You will discover that you can earn credit for prior learning and that online tutoring is available at no cost. You will also be introduced to the Success Coaches. The Coaches are your learning advocate...dedicated to helping you prepare for your online education and reach your goals! LoD
  1. Tour a Learn on Demand class
    • Blackboard is the learning management system (LMS) that manages online classes. It is the application where you will access your courses, complete assignments, and email instructors.

Begin the Orientation

Click here to begin the Learn on Demand Student Orientation.

Go to Class

LOGIN to Blackboard to see what a LoD class looks like and how it works. Enter lod_orientation for both the username and password to login.

Orientation Checklist

Now you’re ready to start your educational journey in Learn on Demand.  Once you complete everything on the checklist below you will be ready for your first course or module!