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Admission Documents

There may be items that were missing from your admissions application. If so, a second email will be sent to you indicating any ToDo items. You can also find this list in Student Self-Service at the Student Center. Make sure you send these items to the admissions office at your home college. For more information on how to submit these items or other questions about admissions please contact the Go KCTCS! Student Service Center. (1-866-321-7406)

Missing documents such as test scores (ACT, SAT, or COMPASS), transcripts (high school or college), or letters of good standing will not prevent a first-time registration in Learn on Demand, but you will need to provide them to your home college before you can register the next time.

If you are a non-degree/non-credential-seeking student, you may be exempt from admission requirements and obligations to perform the actions listed in your ToDo list. Please verify your status with your home college by calling the GoKCTCS! Student Service Center at 1-866-321-7406.