Faculty process for proctored exams

Proctored exams require students to take an examination in a controlled environment under the supervision of a proctor who monitors students during the exam period. A proctored exam permits instructors to limit student access to certain materials such as books, notes, and the Internet and to verify the identity of the individual taking the exam.

  1. If proctored exams are needed, one is preferred and no more than two are permitted.
  2. Proctored Exams have a maximum two-hour time limit.
  3. Submit all proctored exam information, including password, instructor after-hours contact information, and permitted student resources, within the first week of the term to the KCTCS Online Learning Proctor Resource Center .
    IMPORTANT: KCTCS proctors will use the KCTCS Online Proctoring Services Database exclusively.
  4. Ensure that students scheduling needs are accommodated by scheduling exams within a window consisting of a variety of days and times.
  5. Ensure that Assessment Centers appointment availability is accommodated by scheduling exams within a window consisting of a variety of days and times.
  6. Place all exams and supplemental materials online in a location that students can access and submit responses.
  7. Proctors will not fax or mail completed exams or other documents to the instructor.
  8. Inform students of the proctored exam scheduling procedure in the syllabus and refer students to the KCTCS Online Proctor Exams.

In a situation where a student cannot travel to a KCTC proctor center, instructor and student shall agree upon the appropriate proctoring environment such as employer, faculty, non-KCTCS library, or public school.

Direct students to fill out the NON-KCTCS Proctor Request form. Students will complete the form with the potential proctor's information.  Faculty will receive an email request with the proctor's contact information and protocol.  Faculty are responsible for approving the proctor and then communicating directly with the proctor.

Online Learning Coordinators

Ashland Sara Brown
Big Sandy Judy Howell
Bluegrass Kevin Dunn
Elizabethtown Ramona Barrow
Gateway Justin Bertsch
Hazard Ella Strong
Henderson Jon Reidford
Hopkinsville Pat Hinton
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